Eugene Polar is but a rascal, a cunning crook finding himself in and out of the bars of Candy Yard. Tired of the life of crime, he seeks to atone for his sins by becoming a defender of justice.

But sinister shadows lurk at the corner of the eye. Is any cookie in this world safe?

Polar Detective is a mystery-adventure, inspired by (and a tribute to) the life of the father of Criminology, Eugène François Vidocq

The story follows the young protagonist Eugene Polar, and his appetite for thrill (and food) -- always on the run, from the world and himself -- turning over a new leaf. It was time he stopped and returned what belonged to the people. In a land where each one eats alone, he hopes to bring prosperity back to the people of Arctica, and to atone for his past thefts of cookies and honey.

But in every path lie hurdles to conquer, as other rival criminals declare their claims on the scarce food. What awaits our villains-turned-heroes is much more than chase scenes and battles of wits, because they might just be dancing at the center of a web woven by a greater force.



So who are behind the scenes of such an adventure? For every contribution, big or small, the project has been fruitful thanks to the following members:
Cyan Los - Producer, writer, artist and animator (aka, "The Mastermind").

Vikshant Shetty - Full-fledged writer and the "Creator" of the Arctica universe, and the mind behind every story that needed to be told about our heroes.

María Maravilla Juárez - The very artist who helped kickstart the project by making the initial designs for the characters and environment.

Voice Actors

Giancarlo Danubio - Eugene Polar / Ko Ala
Nikil Kurian - The Elves
Margaret Kurian - Benny Hare
Addie Richardson - Lestin Longface
Mauri Majanoja - Rudolph Rednose

Galvin D'Souza -
 Wallace Walrus

Special Thanks to:

Nikil Kurian, Jannie Raczinski and FaustWolf for sticking with the project since the inception and helping us see it through till the very end. 

BIG thanks to the OpenSource developers and community! The Webcomic and art was made with free and open-source software -- especially MyPaint, Inkscape, Gimp and Ubuntu