Eugene Polar

Former crook-turned-detective, he uses his ingenuity and knowledge of crime to protect the people. Being the Jack-of-all-Trades, and a master of disguises and swordsmanship, he is an unstoppable force.

Wild and eccentric. Thrill-seeking. Intelligent. The best. First-class. But also quite full of himself.

Benny Hare

Eugene’s trusty and most (un)reliable sidekick, with addiction to grass, always has two different personas depending on whether he is sober or not. He is the force behind every plot or heist, the right-hand to every idea envisioned -- but he does it all for fun. He never forgets a single detail, nor can anyone outrun him.

Athletic. Swift. Deceptive. And quite childishly innocent.

Inspector Lestin Longface

Good-cop and bad-cop in one face, this mysterious human is always out to set things right (though, he wouldn’t mind a reward once in a while). Excellent in marksmanship, and professional by nature -- to uphold the law is his first duty, and to make sure that the people feel safe, he never sleeps (which is probably why he hates his job).

Authoritative. Protective. Energetic and professional. Ethical (questionably).   


Coming Soon. Keep an eye out on the comic!

Other Characters

Rudolph Rednose

The shiny-nosed reindeer, always a guiding light to Santa at every Christmas, is also a self-established businessman with a “Family” of reindeers. Aiding Santa with the finances every year, he is also considerably assertive and dominant fellow. Scary from the outside, but kind and gentle from within.

Wallace Walrus

Restaurant owner at the outskirts of Arctica, he is a humble and kind-hearted chef. Always helpful in cases, and often always having useful (and secret) information for the heroes (for a small price).

His hands are known to be “magical” for making the best food in the lands, with his most delicious dish being Sushi.

Ko Ala

Ambassador from Desert Down Under, he is always loyal to His Majesty, the Kangaroo King (so long as it is profitable). He has high standards and is proud of his status and luxury (and wanting even more luxury than he has), always polite and courteous, but his “magnanimous” persona drops the moment he loses his temper. He is querulous and his greed is bountiful, though he seldom shows it, and being a fickle politician his promises are often questionable.

The Elves

Santa’s best magical workers, the Elves strive six days of labor (and one day of rest) together to make a single day like Christmas a worthwhile ceremony. They gather brilliant ideas and resources in the cottages, where fun things are made and happiness is invented. Though hard-working, they can also be quite mischievous and childlike, giving Mrs Clause quite a trouble for making them cookies!